UDS with Arcgis JavaScript API v4.x is here

Why UDS is   unique in the world ? Becaue UDS allows users to visualize where Health Center Program patients live, showing what areas are well served and what areas may need additional resources. The UDS also contains social determinants of health and population health outcomes data that may highlight potential need for health services.

It is not possible to find similar tools in anywhere else on the earth at the time. Including any of ESRI out of box product ( out of box product such as experience builder, web app builder, instant app builder, story map, dashboard builder, etc.)

Original UDS launched in 2010, still using Arcgis Javascript API v3.x,  ArcGIS API 3.x for JavaScript will be retired on July 1, 2024. (click to see ESRI announcement)  I am re-developing UDS mapper with Arcgis Javascript API v4.x.  Improving where the original v3.x failed.  Re-thinking the user interface. Making it easier to use than v3.x





         A. browser-client-side rendering v4.x



                 A.2 native(ArcPro build-in) color and label 




         Plan B. arcgis-server-side rendering v4.x  https://transparentgov.net/json2tree/datahub.io/uds/uds_image.html

                 B.2 native(ArcPro build-in) color and label





        C. tile ( server-side pre-cached )




How to use 






Original uds mapper v3.x  still using Arcgis Javascript API v3.x.     ArcGIS API 3.x for JavaScript will be retired on July 1, 2024.




uds mapper Arcgis Service entrance



uds mapper Arcgis Rest endpoint





ZCTA (service area zipcode)





HUD folder entrance



We only use these 3 layers


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