Microsoft Building Footprints


ESRI hosted Arcgis REST api endpoint ( feature service )



GitHub download



Here is how?


Total 129 million buildings for 50 states is too many features, ArcPro will run out of memory. 

Download california only for 11 million buildings, 3.5GB size in geojson format.



Use FME to convert california 11 millions buildings from geojson format into ESRI file geodatabase. FME take 1 hour to read and write 11 millions polygons. 



I only need palm springs buildings, now filter 11 million california buildings, find the polygon that intersect with palm springs city limits. Total is 21k buildings (missing some buildings due to microsoft collect data from several years ago, the newly build buildings are missing )








Do not try to use FME download  Arcgis Server Feature Service endpoint ( ESRI's REST service endpoint does not work) See error






FME reader, use Arcgis Server Feature Service, URL use this one













Why I need building foot print instead of address point at all?


When doing a 100 feet buffer, building foot print will give a much more accurate buffer edge of building. 

For a  big hotel complex, 100 feet buffer of address point is not even cover the building its self, make no sense of buffer.













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