Warning: This paid version have parcel owner both name and mailing address. City Code Enforcement Officer can use owner address to send owner letter regarding violations. etc.....Also City water sewer department use this owner address to send letters to owner regarding their water account. 


Step 1. call Sandra 909-386-8880 or email her sandra.martinez@arc.sbcounty.gov




Step 2. you will get a form, fill out and pay $55, email back. You will receive instruction how to access paid version of parcel owner.


I have called this number, it is county GIS team, they can answer county GIS question, such as open data, download parcel, etc...

San Bernadino County Map & Data Orders: (909) 388 - 5917

I have called following phone numbers, but they are not helpful for my inquery regarding parcel owner. But may helpful if you have other needs.

San Bernadino County Programming Services: (909) 388 - 5500

San Bernadino County Support & General Inquiries: gissupportcommittee@dept.sbcounty.gov

San Bernadino County IT GIS 909-386-8776

San Bernadino County assessor office 909-387-8307


Download county parcel shapefile ( countywide parcels ), not this one ( SBCo Parcel Polygons ) 







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