Arcgis Rest API 1000+ organization

( old version ) 

Current support:

             Browser side:  ESRI javascript api (v4.x, v3.x), GoogleMaps, Mapbox

             Server side: Arcgis Server Rest API, Arcgis Portal API, Arcgis Hub API  


How to

                    Esri FeatureLayer v4.x,  by default use native ESRI symbol, same as what you see on ArcMap. 

                    However, sometime it is hard to identify, you should click 'color' tab, choose other color. 


                   GoogleMap, Mapbox, ESRI, all support mouse hover geometry, click geometry. 

                   tab 'unlock' show info when your mouse over geometry.

                   tab 'lock' show info when you click the geometry.


Be aware                  

                    All ESRI javascript API based (include v3.x, v4.x, native, etc) subject to pre-defined visible zoom range.

                    If nothing show on ESRI map, is because out of visiable zoom range.

                    You have to zoom in/out until fall into visiable zoom range. 

                    Every orgnization every layer have their own visible zoom range pre-defined when publishing feature layer from Arcmap to Arcgis server.

                    GoogleMaps, Mapbox  are not subject to such visible zoom range. 

                    However they subject to arcgis server pre-defined max response limits

                   You have to zoom in closer until total geometry on visable map area less than 2000.

                   By default is 2000, however, each orgnization's arcgis admin can set arbitary max response limits number on arcgis server rest api.    


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