New Feature

Do you want navigate arcgis server just like windows browser? Click the green tree structure icon 

           magnifying glass icon:  scan all layers on arcgis server, for a quick search.

                   tree structure icon:  x-ray arcgis server, get a skeleton of structure 

                  satellite dish icon: link to original arcgis server rest api root, for a reference.

Do you want to know which ArcgisServer is online? Which is NOT? click here live scan now !

click here to open in a new tab  




Mile Stone

         Major performance improvement on googlemapsNow you can view huge dataset ( ex: orange county 1 millions address and parcels ) on googlemaps without freeze your browser !  Before we can only show less than 2,000 records on googlemaps at one time. If over 5,000 records, your browser will starting non-responsive, eventually crash ( due to out of memory).

              googlemaps  search results now have pagination, you can view all search results by page numberBefore we only show you the top 1000 search result per search.


Current support:

             Browser side:  ESRI javascript api (v4.x, v3.x), GoogleMaps, Mapbox, Microsoft Bing maps, Here Maps, OpenLayers, Apple MapKit, Leaflet

             Server side: Arcgis Server Rest API, Arcgis online, PostGIS, MongoDB, MySQL spatial, Oracle spatial, SQL Server spatial, SQLite spatial.

             Format supported:  GeoJSON, Arcgis-JSON, Socrata-JSON




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