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  • Slow and/or 524 timeout error,  usually caused by extremely overloaded public gateway. 
  • Run ipfs daemon locally will avoid that issue. 

Today's Web:

              In today's web 2.0, you can publish your content by renting a web server from (aws, amazon web service, rackspace,  godaddy,  etc.) or create your own. None of those are options for most of user economically. As of result, the privatized monopolized cloud service provider as twiter, facebook, google, youtube, dropbox, box etc dominate.  

Future Web:

                User should easily and freely publish content without ANY of nowday's famous cloud service provider. No more web server needed either. No more sign up account and password. No more violating youtube rules. No more violating twitter policy. You are completely free to publish to the distributed network at zero cost for ever. Once published, no one can remove your content. 

             No more apache server, no more IIS server, no more node.js server, no more PHP, no more server-side scripting language, just put your html file + javascript file + SQLite file on IPFS network.  IPFS protocol act as your 'web server'.

             The sample above are just regular file and folder. No more web server needed. No more traditional database needed. You just add content file to ipfs. Your website is up and runing and available to the world by a crypto-based hash key. This provide a new way to distribute all kinds of content (web page, pdf, doc, image, etc anything as a file) 



Why the Web 3.0 Matters and you should know about it



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