Distributed file system damon (click here)

    For impatient:

  • Most of user are NOT runing IPFS damon on their computer, who need to choose one gateway(other than localhost) from the top dropdown list (localhost by default would not work)
  • For user who is runing a IPFS damon on their local computer, choose 'localhost' (default).
  • If one gate way is too slow,  or timeout, choose a different gateway from top dropdown list.   

    Knowing issue: 

  • Slow and/or 524 timeout error,  usually caused by extremely overloaded public gateway. 
  • Run ipfs daemon locally will avoid that issue. 

Today's Web:

              In today's web 2.0, you can publish your content by renting a web server from (aws, amazon web service, rackspace,  godaddy,  etc.) or create your own. None of those are options for most of user economically. As of result, the privatized monopolized cloud service provider as twiter, facebook, google, youtube, dropbox, box etc dominate.  

Future Web:

                User should easily and freely publish content without ANY of nowday's famous cloud service provider. No more web server needed either. No more sign up account and password. No more violating youtube rules. No more violating twitter policy. You are completely free to publish to the distributed network at zero cost for ever. Once published, no one can remove your content. 

             No more apache server, no more IIS server, no more node.js server, no more PHP, no more server-side scripting language, just put your html file + javascript file + SQLite file on IPFS network.  IPFS protocol act as your 'web server'.

             The sample above are just regular file and folder. No more web server needed. No more traditional database needed. You just add content file to ipfs. Your website is up and runing and available to the world by a crypto-based hash key. This provide a new way to distribute all kinds of content (web page, pdf, doc, image, etc anything as a file) 


Free Web: 

          Today's internet dominated by privatized monopolized cloud service provider like google, amazon, facebook etc. Still lack the mechanisim let user 'freely' (economic free and non-censorship) distribute information.   

          The experimental effort here is to provide that mechanisim let people freely publishing information without rely on them.

          Economic free means you do not have to pay cloud service subscription fee. Today's cloud service subscription does have free plan, but limit your storage as 2GB, 10GB etc... If you want more storage, you have to pay premium. We as user want a mechanisium to provide unlimited storage, no premium, no subscription plan for EVER. 

        The world's largest photo sharing platform Panoramio.com has dead many years, Flickr.com was sold == death (free plan limit 1k picture).  The world's largest video sharing platform Youtube.com has free account, but you have to watch commercial ad to help them make money. The world's largest social media facebook.com, twitter.com are free, but you can't share any type of document, only limited text, picture, video. You have to watch commercial ad too.  The world's largest cloud drive, google drive, one drive, dropboxbox.com you can share any type of document, but free plan limit your storage low as 2GB. Just rising Adobe spark page/post/video has free plan, but you have to pay to remove their commercial logo, you can only share text, picture, video, not any type of docuemnt, not large amount of folder. Amazon AWS is expensive, starting at couple hundreds dollars a month, not you and me can afford.

        We want a mechanisum to freely publish any kind of document with unlimited storage to the world without any of above giant cloud service provider. Crypto based file sharing system can be a candidate, however a few bottleneck need some one to invent something to breakthrough. Just like until the advanced battery invented, electric car will dominate.     


No censorship 

          Any cloud service in today on this planet has censorship. You can't just publish anything you want on their platform. Your content must NOT violate their user policy. Some time your opinion will be removed even they simply do NOT like it.  In authoritarian countries, you will be detained, arrested, if you criticise authorities on the intenet. Many people who speak out truth are jailed. Dweb (distributed web) is likely break the censorship, no web server, all web page are distributed in millions personal computers, and million users can host (reproduce) the same content in seconds. Unless the authority shut down the whole internet, otherwise, it is not likely to trace and stop all the people who transmit that content.  

      Edward Snowden and Chelsea ManningJulian Assange  prove that censorship is universal on this planet. No matter  you are in authoritarian countries or in democratic countries. Whenever authorities exist, censorship exist. Regardless of democracy. Censorship in authoritarian countries are getting worse. The nature of human being prefer freedoms. The nature of freedom against authorities., against censorship. Invent of internet give people more freedom. Authorities censorship internet, opposites the direction that internet gives to people. People need tools to opposite the directions that censorship by authorities.  

      In the future web, distributed web,crypto make authority are not likely to trace the source of content. Edward Snowden and Chelsea ManningJulian Assange  will remain Anonymous and safe.  Stay tuned, advance of technology will make the world better.. 





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