Vector Tile is different from other image based tile ( webTileLayer, raster tile layer, ImageLayer etc...) more details   

       1)   press-hold-drag your right-mouse-button will rotate vector tile map (which is not possible on image based tile) 

       2)   You can edit vector tile map style as what ever you like by  ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor  (which is not possible on image based tile) 



2020 USA Average Household Income (Vector Tile)




2020 USA Median Age (Vector Tile)



Esri Childrens Map (Vector Tile)



More Vector Tile Sample


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The Esri JavaScript API currently does not support the extraction of attributes, such as pop-ups or information windows, directly from the vector tiles. Instead, a companion feature service must be stood up alongside the vector tiles to support querying-like activities



Vector Tiles on Google Cloud Storage: Web Clients

Adding Esri Vector Tiles to Mapbox GL JS


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