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  • Map engine now support .kml file and .shp shape file along with .geojson
  • Map engine now support arcgis rest api, socrata SODA api and many many vendor specialized api running on Oracle, SQLserver, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgre, SQLite.
  • Map engine (designed for bulk load) can handle unlimit size of dataset. Now your device(pc/tablet/mobile) memory capacity is your limit. The larger RAM memory you have, the larger dataset you can see. One million parcels can cause a 2GB memory PC browser not responsive.



  • How can I view one million parcels on 2GB memory PC? Just use the map engine (designed for progressive loading). Capacity limit, performance, speed rely on remote server ( arcgis, socrata etc.) , not your device CPU RAM.  



  • Map engine (designed for bulk load)  can load .geojson file, shape file (.shp), zipped shape file (.zip), .kml file,  zipped kml file (.kmz) etc directly. eliminate the need for arcgis server and socrata server,  lower the bar of gis data distribution.  You can share your shape file,geojson, kml file to the world by simple copy past to any cloud drive ( OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive,, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Drive etc...).  Then copy your shape file/geojson/kml URL on dropbox or, use        geojson viewer,        shape file (.shp) viewer,       .kml .kmz viewer    generated a permanent url link. You can bookmark this permanent url link or share with your audience. With this permanent url link, the world can see your gis data on googleMaps, bingMaps, hereMap, openlayers, leaflet, appleMaps as of users choice.



  • GIS data distribution was simplified from previous expensive complex arcgis server/socrata server to a simple, zero cost, free cloud file distribution.  Complex spatial query/indexing in terms of browsing map data and keyword searching was moved from previous remote server (arcgis server/socrata server) to our bulk load map engine. Now any one can upload shape file/geojson/kml to any cloud drive vendor and generate permanent viewer url link, share with the world at zero cost!



  • Spatial indexing powered by RTree .  Now 1 million parcels will NOT freeze your browser.  Before this improvement, any dataset with more than 5000 records will freeze your browser, make your browser not responsive even crash.   cell 310-710-6501      

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