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Simple is beauty      

More is less, less is more




Government data is open. To explore the data, someone need to invent the tools first.

The galaxy, the stars is out there. To explore the sky, someone need invent telescope first. 

Someone invent microscope first, after that microbiology developed.

The more advanced tool, the more efficent tool someone invent, the more you can get from the data.

The more advanced telescope someone invent, the further star you can watch.

The more sophisticated microscope someone invent, the smaller virus you can watch.

   My role is one of 'someone' who invent the tools, so you don't have to.

Human invent wheels took 5000 years. 

Inventing efficient tool set apart curious human from other creatures.  







In relational database table, each column is a dimension, spatial column ( have lat, long, shape etc) is a dimension as well.

Every dimension can be classified.  

In SQL statement :  every column can be "group by" and "order by".

                                 Multidimensional Classified System (MCS) allows you explore the map and data in multidimensional way.


                             Class column are column that can be classified. Same value repeatly appear in multiple rows.  This type column can be "group by" in SQL statement. 

                   Non-class column are column that can not be classified, usually have unique value for each row. 

                             If you want to classify non-class column, such as rainfall amount, data author should create a new class column 'rainfall level' as high(over 1000mm), medium( 1000mm - 100mm), low(100mm - 1mm), very low( less than 1mm). I do not allow user classify non-class column. ArcMap allow user classify value column because arcmap user are data author as well. 




              The use of symbol and color code in ArcMap derived from paper map. Symbol and color is a must for a paper map. Today we mostly use interactive web map, such as google maps, apple maps. You don't have to use symbol and color in web map.   MCS is color blind , no symbolno legend, simpler to read, less confusing than color-coded map   

                ESRI's color code system use different color to represent the different category. There are 2 ways to categorize.  Most use is 'categorized by unique value'.  Secondary most use is 'categorized by value range'. You can find all of that in ArcMap symbology dialogue window. 

              MCS fully implement  'categorized by unique value' in a simpler and non-confusing way. However, Partially implement 'categorized by value range' only on calendar date format.  I have not be able to think of a 'magic' way of doing it.  ESRI's 'categorized by value range' is complex( distribution deviation )  and confusing by color code.  In MCS, I try to create a better (simpler, no confusing) way to categorized by value range, but I am not satisfy with any of the idea I found so far. I am still experimenting new idea.  






          All  Data  are  Location  Based     

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