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        All  Data  are  Location  Based





             1)  Why this web site is useful while city county state already have their own official ESRI powered and or Socrata powered web site?      


                 Their ESRI powered and or Socrata powered web site is like visible light camera. 

                             Through their visible light sensor, you can see colorful details of a person, you can tell they are attractive, beautifull or not, etc...

                             This web site provide you another angle to look at the same person.

                             It is more like a x-ray sensor camera. 

                             It ignore those color full details of you skin, it directly penetrate into that person's bare bone.

                             It shows a skeleton of a person, a summary list of a city's content in a snapshot.

                             While it also powerful enough to let you explore, zoom into the details from the skeleton , summary list with special lense (google map, mapbox etc ) in a special way. 

                              Those special lense were not seen at city county state's official ESRI, Socrata powered website.  

                              Equiped with special lense (google map, mapbox etc ), you will benefit all that google provided precision, exclusive, comprehensive information and convenience.  Same apply to mapbox.   






Free Web: 

          Today's internet dominated by privatized monopolized cloud service provider like google, amazon, facebook etc. Still lack the mechanisim let user 'freely' (economic free and non-censorship) distribute information.   

          The experimental effort here is to provide that mechanisim let people freely publishing information without rely on them.

          Economic free means you do not have to pay cloud service subscription fee. Today's cloud service subscription does have free plan, but limit your storage as 2GB, 10GB etc... If you want more storage, you have to pay premium. We as user want a mechanisium to provide unlimited storage, no premium, no subscription plan for EVER. 

        The world's largest photo sharing platform has dead many years, was sold == death (free plan limit 1k picture).  The world's largest video sharing platform has free account, but you have to watch commercial ad to help them make money. The world's largest social media, are free, but you can't share any type of document, only limited text, picture, video. You have to watch commercial ad too.  The world's largest cloud drive, google drive, one drive, dropbox, you can share any type of document, but free plan limit your storage low as 2GB. Just rising Adobe spark page/post/video has free plan, but you have to pay to remove their commercial logo, you can only share text, picture, video, not any type of docuemnt, not large amount of folder. Amazon AWS is expensive, starting at couple hundreds dollars a month, not you and me can afford.

        We want a mechanisum to freely publish any kind of document with unlimited storage to the world without any of above giant cloud service provider. Crypto based file sharing system can be a candidate, however a few bottleneck need some one to invent something to breakthrough. Just like until the advanced battery invented, electric car will dominate.     











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