Why I make this static page? 

Initially all above page are build on MySQL database, just like any other regular web site. The drawback is without MySQL database, without apache server, none of above web page would work. 

Now I export all data from MySQL , import into SQLite , which is a file based database can run at browser, cell phone, anywhere.

All data originally in MySQL, now becomes a single file, downloaded into your browser. Now I can zip all web pages and the file database into a single zip file for anyone to download and run.

 Anyone can now download a single zip file, unzip and all above web page will work instantly on any computer.  No more MySQL needed,  say bye to apache web server. 

This is also the strategy I used to distribute all above web pages on IPFS( a file distribution system ). 

Turn orignal MySQL Apache based website into a single zip file, then distribute it on any file system, you can copy and past or download into any PC, Mac, iphone, ipad, Android. Unzip it. Then you have all above page running instantly!!! 

(the single zip file coming soon)



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