Question:      Have you ever seen a google maps powered parcel viewer?


                             Not really, but what?

                             All kinds of parcel viewer I have ever seen in decades

                             (geocotex, hand made, etc...) are all build on ESRI arcgis plateform.

                             ESRI arcgis platform and Google Maps are incompatible.

                            They are competitioner on the gis market.

                            Two gaint are not agree to each other.

                             Wait a minute, google maps can't do zoning like arcgis does,

                             because lack of symbology support.

                             Google maps can't do sewer, man hole, etc engineering map,

                              because no way to mark text on google map.

                              Google maps can't do cathedral map, topographic quadrangle maps, etc like arcgis does,

                              because lack of a tile image sever like arcgis server.

                              Google maps can't do ....

                               because lack of .....

                               ... .... ....

                               ... ...



                Seeing is Believing




                               Well, if google maps can do all of that

                               then bing maps can do too,

                               If bing maps can do

                               then here map can do

                               if here map can do

                               then mapbox can do

                               if mapbox can do

                               then openlayers can do

                               if openlayers can do

                               then leftlet can do

                               then apple map can do 

                               then .... can do

                                ... can do

                                ... can

                                ... do



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