==== click here ===== coordinate tile



How to make this ???

1)  Use ArcMap publish zoning mxd to Arcgis Server.  You must check TileCache during process. Do not choose dynamic scale, instead you should choose customzied scale.  max detailed level 19, which need 350MB on arcgis server disk.  20 need 1GB, 21 need 100GB etc. disk space on server. 


2) Open browser to use above URL 

This web map use google maps API, however, you would not see google saterlite imagery which you would normally see.

I overlay the ESRI's cached tile on google saterlite imagery.    

Try mouse hove the map,  you will see the zoning details on your left side panel. 

This give you a feeling like you are using ArcMap, however you doesn't. 

If you don't comfortable with this style, you can click cog tab on left side panel top

Then choose Image or Tiled Image will bring back the google saterlite imagery. 

Try change overlay opacity




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