click here open in a new tab ---- Zoning with Zone Code




--- click here ---- full screen ---- Parcel with APN number




How to make it ?

       1)  open ArcMap,  right click the zoning or parcel layers, choose property, click 'label' tab,  check the 'label the feature' check box. 

        2)  Top menu, choose 'File' ,  choose 'Share As',  choose 'Service'.  ..... Important !  click 'mapping' on left side panel, must check 'tileMap'  check box.   Click 'Caching', important ! must choose 'Using tiles from a cache'.   In 'Level of details', choose 0-19, will need 350MB space on server disk. level 20 need 1GB,  level 21 need 100GB and so on. If you don't have a large hard drive, just choose level 19, that is what you see here.

        3) click 'Publish' button on top right corner.  

        4)  Done




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