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I want to know each parcel's zoning name and zone code?

This hybrid style mix 2 feature layers in single color, let you find out both parcel APN and zoning name. 

The hybrid style is part of my 'color blind' system. No symbol, no legend, no color difference mix all different data. 

If you can read the parcel APN and zone name from above map, it prove that my 'color blind' system works.


 You overlay the parcel line on it.  You have to read the legend what color is what zone to identify this parcel is belongs to what zone!  You have to frequently read or remember what color is what zone. That is horrible.   Color blind people can't figure out zone by color.  I developed a new web map style called 'parcel and zone'(click here), which is a mix of 2 feature layers with single color. Color blind people can use mouse hove the map to identify the zone name and parcel apn.



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