export dynamicLayers with custom label not working





Here is my arcgis server https://gis.la-quinta.org/arcgis/rest/services

I have 2 working example and the other 90% of mapserver label not working.

The working example is here:



Other then this, all failed on custom labeling.

follow the instruction on my screenshot to open arcgis online map viewer,

How to edit label on arcgis online map viewer



















The fix is turn on Maplex Engine in arcmap





Use Maplex engine fixed my problem. If you use standard labeling engine, later on, when you publish it to arcgis server, you can not create custom labeling with arcgis online map viewer.


By using Maplex engine, you can create custom labeling with arcgis online map viewer.


As Mattropolis suggested, here is how I turn on Maplex engine on my arcmap and on my arcPro.


Arcmap First:



























Here is stackexchange posting 

Why is Label Placement Menu Different with Additional Data Frame in ArcMap?



ArcGIS Online map viewer labeling not working






Search "dynamicLayers arcgis export"

How To: Get parameters for the Export Map Image request in REST for a map service with dynamic layers





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