City of palm springs CA

1. How to add new user on








2. How to set caller ID







3. Why you need caller ID





4.  How to change caller ID





5. click connect button in email






6. sign in as esri public account




7. create a public account with your work email






8. Done

9. call number


City of victorville CA

I call ESRI to configure my public esri account as admin for

Now I want to invite my arcgis online account to my esri as well. I will have 2 account in my esri, one is a public account, one is my arcgis online account. 

Warning:  my esri accept a public account or existing arcgis online account. 

By click add email, my esri tell me that my arcgis online account already exist. 

I do not need to fill out account info, I only need click send invitation email. 





I have 2 account, one is public esri account, one is arcgis online account( organization account ). Caller ID can't be same, 

Caller Id for each account must be different.


After connect from arcgis online to my esri, I can just click 'my esri' link to open my esri 





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