null value  

It’s okay if Local Name/Local Manager/Local Owner is blank as long as the PAD-US fields are populated (such as Manager Type, Manager Name, Unit Name, etc.)







Designation Types for Proclamation files are always PROC, so you don’t need to worry about reviewing the Local Designation to Designation Type Crosswalk. 








 pad review usgs write review report



PAD-US 3.0 Reconciliation Review Guidance

Video records




PAD-US 3.1 Reconciliation Review Guidance

Video records




To write review report, look for page 12 on above word document.



example: always use domain code 









flagged duplicate much check all other field such as date of establishment, unit name. 

If geometry is same, but date of establishment, unit name are different, I will mark join ID as 0, means not duplicate. 

















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