This hrsa gis app was developed a few years ago with Arcgis React API.

Now ESRI just annouced Arcgis React api is offically dead on 2022.7

So what you are going to do? This is app is "AS IS" now. Any new development on this app is at your own risk now. 

You can't update this app to latest version that has new feature and fixed bugs ESRI had so far. 

All the arcgis api version, Node.js Version , react.js version is locked "as is"

If you upgrade any version of above 3, will result into broken apps and you have no way to fix it, because ESRI is no longer support React API. 




external production


internal test


web service used




All Arcgis API is here, no react api listed 



Arcgis React api  is here, not on ESRI, but on Github














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