I have 600 acronyms in variety such as SWA, SHA, CE, OS in attribute table,  I want to replace these acronyms with spelled out words, so user will understand what that means.   600 is not a small number, if you have less than 20 acronyms, you can just manually copy past it in attribute table. But 600 acronyms you have to do 600 * 2 = 1200 click !!! in attribute table. No, I don't want to do that. 

You first thought maybe use Python 3 script to do the job. You have to deal with complex python script setup. Most of people are not ready to do Python script. Even you are ready, it will cost you some times to set it up. Not recommend for most of people. 


Here I found a idiot proof method, I can do the same job in less than 10 click in 5 minuts.


















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