Copy and paste following sample Hub Site URL ( or your arcgis hub site URL ) next to 'let's go' button, then click 'enter' key or 'let's go' button


1).  Arcgis hub( Los Angeles, CA ):


2).  Arcgis hub( Los Angeles County, CA ):


3).  Arcgis hub( Riverside County, CA  ):




Advanced Hub Site

 Simple Hub Site




If you see this error, for example, San Bernadio County arcgis online open data hub,     , after you click let's go button, you will see this error.

That means county arcgis hub site do not allow CORS, cross origin, you have to use following proxy to bypass county CORS restriction.


 (proxy)Simple Hub Site "hub7"




4). San Bernadio County arcgis online open data hub


use proxy hub7,



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