Warning: This free version only have parcel owner name, do not have owner mailing address, means you can't contact owner. 

In order to get owner mailing address, you have to pay $55 to assessor office, see my other post about how to get paid version of parcel owner

 Download latest secured-roll text file from San Bernadino County assessor office 



11.  click next


12.set destination


13.click preview to make sure


14.ERROR message


16. Try import data ...  select Flat File as source

       header row delimiter set as "~"




18. select OLE DB driver as destination


19.click properties, change connection as picture shows, until test connection successful



20.click next


21. click RUN Immediately



22.click finish, until see success



23.open table design 

24, rename raw table to table Secured-Roll


failed, need to try another way


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