Warning: This free version only have parcel owner name, do not have owner mailing address, means you can't contact owner. 

In order to get owner mailing address, you have to pay $55 to assessor office, see my other post about how to get paid version of parcel owner

1. import flat file



2.Warning: column name are changed, must fix in next step


3. must match column name and data type




4. getting error



5. re-try set data type to varchar(100), because the error last time is some value exceeded length of data type. Now I set all length to 100 char, should be enough cover the invalid value



6. successed



7. But San Bernadino County provide Jan 2024 secured-roll data has problem, it missing a lots of column. I am not sure why?

    Maybe for free download version, they intended to skip all owner address columns, only keep owner name column, see owner address column are all NULL.

     Maybe for paid version owner address column is not null.  I am not sure how and where to get paid version at this moment.




8. compare to old 2023 secure-roll raw data. This is old 2023 secured-roll table, see all owner address related columns has some value.



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