Part 1: summary :  

Create 660 feet buffer zone along with main water line. 

 Then select all parcel that on this buffer zone. 








Step 1 

download san bernadino parcel





step 2 

cut water main line into district 1 and 2, since district 1 charge $10 per arce, district 2 charge $15 per arce





step 3

clean up some water line should be in district 2, just delete a few of these




step 4

create 660 feet buffer on district 1, water main line 





step 5

use district 1 boundary to clip previous 660 feet buffer zone


step 6

export parcel with parcel center in water district 1 and 2






step 7

parcels in water district 1 clipped by previous water main line 660 feet buffer 







step 8

add a field ACRES, also populate this field by reformat existing Area field value from squre feet to acres

















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