There 2 options you can connect to SQL server database. 

Option 1.  use SQL server admin account, it is called SQL authentication.

Option 2. use your windows login name and password, it is called windows authentication.







The way you connect to SQL server database matters. 

Because ESRI's arcSDE enterprise geodatabase will restrictly required you use same type of connection to operate the layers. 


For example, I use SQL server admin account to create the enterprise ArcSDE connection to access SQL server. 

Then I grab a laye from SQL server to ArcPro. 

Another day.  I open this ArcPro again try to edit this layer. When I create the SQL connection against ArcSDE, I just happened to use windows login password.  Then I can see this layer, however, I am not be able to create, editing, delete this layer and any feature dataset . Pretty much just read only. 

Do you know why?



It is because connection authentication type isn't match. Previously I use SQL server admin account login to create feature dataset, feature layers. Now I use my windows login password to connect SQL server, my windows login account don't have permission to edit previously created feature data layers. 

The solution is check previous layer's data source's connection authentication type. If it is SQL server authentication, then you should use same credential to connect. Owner always have all permission to edit data. 


you can delete whole layer, then re-create connection with windows credential. Then re-grap layer in ArcPro. 

Now you can edit, because this layer's data source connection type match you current connection session


 Now the problem is I can't access SQL server database with my windows login password. So there is no way to connect ArcSDE through my windows credential with operation system authentication. 


  What would you do to fix this?

Login SQL server with SQL server admin account then add youself windows credential into Login list. 




search my windows user name, JHU




select entire window active directory





search my windows user name JHU, found my windows email. then OK




now my windows credential has been added to SQL server login list. Now I can connect to SQL server with windows authenticaion or "operating system authentication" in ArcSDE.




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