Normally we work on same SQL server. 

However, today I will need to pull data from 2 different SQL server. Water bill database server are different SQL server with GIS database server, in order to pull data from remote water bill database, I have to create water bill database as linked server in GIS database' server object list.  After that I can query in GIS database while pull data from another remote water bill database. 









Create a linked server.( water bill database server is linked server )






How to fix this error








SQL SERVER – FIX – Linked Server Error 7399 Invalid authorization specification






The problem is I try to link to water bill database with linked server object. I need to provide some credential login name with password.  By default I have not provide any login password, that cause the ERROR 7399. 







I have tried to provide windows authentication "COV\jhu" along with my windows password, seems linked server object does not like it. Still error.  



Now I will create a SQL authentication which is a SQL account name with password on water bill database. Then I can provide this login password in my linked server object. This fix the problem. 




Don't forget give new SQL login with system admin role, which give it permission to access water bill table. 






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