calculate acres column value on both water district



Step 1

add following 3 field to both district 1,2 table





Step 2

populate standby year and district id




Step 3

calculate acres



Step 4

ready to append district 1, 2 



use append tool to combine water district 1 and 2  


Step 1

search 'append' in geoprocessing tab, history, I will use these 2 append tool




Step 2

use this append for water district 1



Step 3

manully mapping following field, water district





Step 4

manully mapping following field, standby year





Step 5

Following field leave it as unmapped, because I will calculate after








Step 6

Warning. ArcPro bug, append tool does append 5962 rows, however, only district number and standby year 2 column get copied. The other colum are all value in target table COV_standby_availability. You can check in SQL server





Step 7

or you can check in ArcPro




Step 8

To fix ArcPro bug, you need to start a new arcPro project just do this append tool only


use load function to load previously saved exported fieldmap file, so you don't have to spend half hour again to map each field. To save you time


Step 8.1




Step 8.2

repeat step 6 and 7 to check whether this time success. In my case, this fix the bug, no more null value




Step 9

Repeat step 4 to 8 again, but against water district 2











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