use SQL server is much better than use Arcgis Pro.


Here is example: 

I want to know how many unique fire unit code and what they are. I want to compare old unit code with current unit code to see what unit code missing from 2 different layers. 




To use ArcPro (Left side):

You can use select by attribute tool, new selection, where unite code is equal to, the drop down list shows all possible unique unit code. 





To use SQL server query ( right side ):

Use disticnt or group by key word to run sql query. 



SQL query is much better, I can copy result to excel, then send to COTS(commercial off the shell) application vender, firstWatch



 I can run 2 sql query to compare old table with current table to see what unit code is missing. Also send to COTS(commercial off the shell) application vender, firstWatch.  





In ArcPro, I just can do none of them. 







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