Step 1

download and install node.js






Step 2

add nodejs path to environment variable 'Path'





Step 3

Restart windows, let Path variable take effect. 






Step 4

use CMD test whether node.js is success by type node -v, if you see version number, then it success








Step 5

You must login ESRI developer website, then download web appbuilder









Step 6

select the version you need











Step 7

unzip, extract file






Step 8

double click startup.bat 






Step 9

Fill in portal URL is easy.

But how to get portal item ID? This is hard part. 









Step 10

On portal create a new item. Item url is actually your web appbuilder URL, so you need to copy paste here






Step 11

After you save new item, copy new item id in URL bar, then paste in App ID field









Step 12

Even registar app still does not work, run into dead end. 





Step 13

try use arcgis online again, see if it works






Step 14

Registar app with client ID.






Step 15

Same ERROR, run into dead end











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