web appbuilder bug failed to carry color from web map feature layer



Web appbuilder is going to retired at July 2024, yes, You read it right, that is ESRI's plan, pushing you to use experience builder in the future from now on.




Can you believe I still can find a big unfixed bug in 2024 on almost dying web appbuilder ?



This bug has been bother millions of ESRI users for the whole life span of web appbuilder since 10+ years ago.  Now this never fixed bug will go with web appbuilder into grave yard. No longer bother you any more.





That is just one of tons of never fixed bugs when painfully use ESRI product.





Web map has color, when import into web appbuilder, color is gone for no reason, obviously big bug.





That is why web appbuilder is going to go to grave yard this year.  Too many never fix, big bugs. 



You should transfer all your GIS asset to new Experience builder from now on.


I use same web map, import into experience builder, it has color and everythings. 














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