click here to open in a new tab

1) on top menu click 'Server Only' tab

2) click any Vector-Tile-Server link 

3) for example on top search bar,  type 'microsoft'  

   click Microsoft_Building_Footprints (VectorTileServer) link




ESRI vector tile as of today (June 2019) does not compliance with mapbox tileJson spec V2.

If you use mapbox js api consume esri vector tile service, you will only see partially tiles, lots of tiles are missing.

The reason is arcgis pro export vector tile package by default is 'indexed'. It largely reduce the tile package size by ommit those tiles without features. Then use look up table to retrieve those tiles when present.

If you choose 'flat' when export vector tile pacage using arcgis pro, you will get a larger size of tile package and you are able to use mapbox js api to present those tiles without missing tiles previously. 

Mapbox vector tile have attribute information, you can identify on the client side. 

ESRI vector tile I have not find a way to identify the attribute information on client side.


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