click map twice to make 2 point as diameter of the circle(dash line), select all feature (line) interact with the circle.

         These spatial query only performed at client side, no request send against the arcgis server. 

          All spatial query happened in javascript api featureLayer object.

          Mapbox api does have the capability to perform client side query called tileQuery. 

          Google map api lack of this client side spatial query capability, you have to build the rest api request query against the server.  

          Arcgis server rest api and PostGIS both can perform server side spatial query. 

          Mapbox vector tile server lack of capability to perform server side spatial query. however you can perform client side spatial query by tilequery api.

          Client side spatial query means only search against the viewable geometry on map, not the whole database. 

          Server side spatial query means search against the whole database. 



More samples: 

           ( if you can not see points, it is because ESRI server is too slow, try again later) 

          One click as center of circle radius 1 miles. Select all point fall in this circle buffer




          Two click make 2 point as diameter, generate a circle, select all point within this circle buffer.



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