HttpQL specification v1.0 (

HttpQL specification v1.0 (https;//



Some times GraphQL ( creator Facebook 2012  ) and JSON:API ( creator Yehuda Katz  2013),   are more complicated than the problem you are trying to solve. To avoid shoot cannon to kill mosquito. I create a new simple, no opinioned, flexible httpQL (  to run SQL via http protocol


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Example SQL : 


SELECT count(*) FROM url_imported

where url like '%rest/services%'


Building URL component:

                  rest api endpoint:




                  table name :  url_imported

                  select = count(*)

                  where = url like '%rest/services%'

                    where clause must encoded as :  where = url+like+%27%25rest%2Fservices%25%27

                    click here to encode any string

                 use '&' concatenate all above component


Final http URL : 




Example 2: 

SQL :   SELECT * FROM url_imported where url like '%rest/services%'




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