Inject multiple model into base feature layer allow user to identify relationship between these models. 

Data author will maintain single feature layer instead of multiple seperate model layers. 

For example, one parcel boundary change or one zone boundary change, you only need update single layer once. 

You do not have to update multiple times for multiple seperate model layers. 





Inject Hillside Conservation Overlay District into basic zone district

The municiple code is here

PDF is here




To learn more about

United States Public Land Survey System (Township and Range

Public Land Survey System (PLSS) sections within the County of Riverside

Riverside County, California - Section Township and Range Map






Inject Hillside Conservation into riverside county township and sections

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Hillside Conservation Overlay District , PDF is here


Hill layer (stand alone, seperate from basic zone layer)

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Inject Hillside Conservation Overlay into basic zone layer

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Each overlay zone district is seperat model from the basic zone district model. 

This example inject overlay model into basic model. You can see the relationship between 4 model.

See picture below, 1: basic zone model;     2: mixed use model;   3: affordable housing model;   4: hillside conservation model

This parcel (blue) designate to 1,2,3 model, but not 4.

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