Why we need classification?

Reduce entropy

How to classify?

Use symbology

Shape file does not carry styling information.  You have to save classification by symbology with styling information into a separate layer file.

Traditional classification only happen in styling level, not the data iteself (shape file). This example you will classify the parcel by its size. I want all the parcels less than 5000 square feet and all the parcels less than 6000 sqaure feet. Classification by symbology is good enough for a static paper map. However for interactive arcgis online map, you can do more than that. 


For interactive web map (Arcgis online etc.), you can 

engrave classfication into data (shape file) itself

The data ( shape file ) itself will carry classification information as much as you want. You can simply add one column for each classification. In this example, I add size_1 for 5000 square feet and size_2 for 6000 sqaure feet.


Let's look at result on arcgis online scene viewer and map viewer by click 




3D Scene viewer  right click and hold mouse button, can rotate map in 3D fashion



arcgis online map viewer  >>>>>  filter



arcgis online map viewer   >>>>>  styling





Let's look it at google map 



All above sample, if you click size_2, you will see another classification by 6000 square feet.

You can keep adding more classification rule by adding more column endlessly.





How to open above example?

You can search "village" on Arcgis online to download related static PDF map







Look at google map, you can 








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