read step by step 


GoGov parcel update




1) download unzip


2) select by loacation, intersect with city limit


3) export 


4) add 'street_no' (text) column




GoGov only use 2230, NOT work with 3857

always publish map as 2230, no tile, no cache, dynamic only


parcel attribute always add 'street_no' (text) column






BaseMap : 2230 , no tile cache

BaseMap1: 3857 , tiled cache






geocoding only use 2230, not use 3857


Arcmap,  customize > toolbar > geocoding  you should see a floating geocoding bar open in another screen.

select your address locator, type address '78495 CALLE TAMPICO La Quinta'  click enter,   tool tip should say address not found or full address, means success.




How to creat a new address locator:





                 C:\Users\jhu.LAQWRK080\OneDrive - City of La Quinta\jhu\arcgis_server\GoGov\geocoding



                 right click > new > address locator 


                             address locator style:  choose :    us address dural range


                             reference data:   choos  :   Roads.shp



                          riverside county roads.shp bug: 


                                     in the field map, must reselect match:


                                              Suffix Type  should match to : Street_suf


                                     the other field are ok, no need to change.




                         leftcity and rightcity must match field, without match field, would not work. 








How to publish a new address locator:





                    right click Roads_AddressLocator2 > share as > Geocode service








                        How to Geocode Provider Addresses Using ArcGIS   












              Skip city name: 

              - Address validation for single line input requires the city name, it should not. Example '78495 CALLE TAMPICO La Quinta' validates however '78495 CALLE TAMPICO' does not.






               ArcCatalog,   right click Roads_AddressLocator2 > properties  > Geocoding options > Match with no zones >  choose YES, (default is NO)


               This will allow you skip city name in address.











spatial reference by default use :  3857,  when click tiledMap, will auto use 3857

                                    if not click  tiledMap,  will auto use original spatial reference 2230, (state plane california zone 6)




max return feature count limit: 100 



1) when publish do not check tileMap, keep srid 2230, if check tile map will result in 3857



2)  Only apply if use file geodatabase.  SQL server based enterprise geodatabase will automatically cast number to string. No need following operation.  


 create a field street_no as text

      must select all record which STREET_NUMBER is not null.

      otherwise CStr( null ) will cause error.



must select all record which STREET_NUMBER is not null.






field calculator : STREET_NUMBER is orginal long type 

                                   street_no = CStr ( [STREET_NUMBER] )       



switch selection by select all STREET_NUMBER is null




Field calculator do not need start editing mode




label the street number by apply:

                   Function FindLabel ( [STREET_NUMBER]  )

                                   if  IsNull( [STREET_NUMBER] ) Then


                                                      FindLabel = [STREET_NUMBER] 

                                     End if

                                End Function


For condos, should show unit number as well, apply

                          Function FindLabel ( [STREET_NUMBER] )

                                      FindLabel =  [STREET_NUMBER] & vbNewLine & [UNIT] 

                           End Function





separate city state zip fields


add 3 field: 






MUST unselect all, before you proceed following steps


step 1:  


mail_zip_code = Len([MAIL_CITY]) 

mail_state_abbreviation = [mail_zip_code] -9

if it is negative number, set it to 0

mail_town = Left( [MAIL_CITY], [mail_state_abbreviation] )



step 2: 

mail_zip_code = Right( [MAIL_CITY], 8)

mail_state_abbreviation = Left( [mail_zip_code], 2)






step 3: 

mail_zip_code = Right( [MAIL_CITY], 5)




step 4: clean canada 

sort mail_zip_code  or  mail_state_abbreviation  ascending 

select all canada ones

let all 3 field = same mail_city


 mail_town   =[MAIL_CITY]

mail_state_abbreviation =[MAIL_CITY]

mail_zip_code =[MAIL_CITY]








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