Esri products is easy to set up (by GIS analyst)

                  For example GIS analyst can create a web app builder map or expeirence builder map in less than 10 minutes, just a few click will set up a web map.

But it is not easy to use (by public user)

                 Public user must be trained to use ESRI product. 

Public user can learn how to use ESRI product by search on youtube. ESRI has tons of video to teach you how to use their product. It is hard to learn and time consuming, most of public user can't make it. 

                   I create this set of tool. It is easy to use, no training needed for public user

                 The drawback of this set of tool is hard to build and time consuming. It is completely wrote in javascript and html, nothing else, from the ground. I spend 10 years already to try to make it happen. Public user now can enjoy the convenience.

ESRI product also has limitations.  I create this tool to free you from these limitations

You can test your GIS data on Google Map, Bing Map, Here Map, Apple Map, MapboxOpenLayers  


Created in Southern California by Joe hu since 2014, 310-710-6501


All Data are Location Based 

The more is less The less is more   Simple is beauty   


          The first Google Map Apps I made was in 2007. When I was a graduate student in Idaho State University GIS master program in Geoscience Department Professor Dan Ames who is Co-Founder of MapWindow He offered me a position on his hydrological mapping project founded by National Science Foundation (NSF) I use Google Maps and hydrological REST service to create my first google map apps to show all the US hydrological monitoring site live data


           In 2008, Frank Robert (CDA Tribe GIS manager) offered me a positon at Coeur d’Alene Tribe in Plummer, Idaho. Frank is the creator of "meta-data editor plugin" in ArcMap.


           In 2010, I moved to Southern California due to a job offer by Michael(Mike) Tupper. He is GIS manager at Southern California Edison. He designed the company's power distribution GIS system using smallworld GE.

行到水穷处 坐看云起时

           In 2013, Jim Liu( IT manager), Steve Ely (IT director) in City of Costa Mesa offered me a position. borned. First google maps based model, model "0" developed. Model 0 first time let user browse arcgis REST api on google maps. 


             In 2017, Vandergriff Greg (Manager) in City of Los Angeles Public Work Department and Neumann Nathan (GIS principle) offered me a position. developed into its primitive form.

  Los Angeles City GIS asset click here    or search "angeles" at home page 

不断拷问自己,是不是了无私心, 如果做到了动机至善,了无私心,那么,就不必考虑结果,一定会取得成功

              La Quinta GIS asset click here or search "quinta" at home page


              USGS PAD project GIS asset click here or search "pad" at home page


            HRSA GIS asset click here or search "hrsa" at home page


             Palm Springs GIS asset click here or search "palm" at home page


           Victorville GIS asset click here or search "victorville" at home page









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