Part 2 summary:

Find all parcels that have active water billing account. 

Then exclude them from previous parcel selection ( see part 1). Because the active water billing account customer should not be billed by $10.  This standby fee is only for vacant land or inactive water billing account.







Step 1.  use windows credential to access water bill database. How to access see this






step 2. because water bill database server are different SQL server with GIS database server, in order to pull data from remote water bill database, I have to create water bill database as linked server in GIS database' server object list.  After that I can query in GIS database while pull data from another remote water bill database.

See here on how to create linked server





Step 3. create a view of active water billing account by run this SQL 







Step 4.  extract active water account in water district 1 only















   4.2.1  connect database, add view as table in arcPro.






 4.2.2 append tool configuration, must configure field mapping like this shows




4.2.3 after append you should have active account table ready





5.  join water district 1 all parcel with this active water account apn table APN 


5.1 direct join with APN will not work, nothing join, see below you get empty null  value on joined apn field. 



5.2 the reason is because active water account table's apn length is 30, text, it has lots of space after 9 digital number.






5.3 after remove all space in APN field,  use APN_staging to join then success





5.4 select all parcel,  which APN is null, means which do not have a active water bill account. 





5.5 export layer













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